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NMTL Newsletter VOL.8 Released

  • PublishTime:2024-06-02

The NMTL Newsletter is released on the first day of every other month, and is intended to share the latest news concerning NMTL, Taiwan literature circles, and Taiwan literature abroad with foreign readers. We hope that through this platform, we can bring readers around the world a new understanding of Taiwan literature.

Contents of this Issue


➣ Historical Documents Offer Glimpse into the Age of Discovery

➣ Taiwan Literature, On Air

➣ Hearing Their Voices—NMTL and The 9th Taiwan Literature Award for Migrants

➣ Taiwan Will Not Exist, Unless…


➣ Third Compilation of Literature-Adapted Dramatic Scripts, The Era When Love Was Forged, Now Published Online

➣ NMTL and BCLT Promote the Advanced Translation Workshop for Taiwan Literature

➣ Countries Come Together for the 2024 United Nations of Stories

➣ May 18th International Museum Day Activities

➣ Yuko Miura’s Translation of Yang Shuang Zi’s Taiwan Travelogue Wins Best Japanese Translation Award

➣ Bonjour! French Picture Book Storytelling

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