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Research Projects

Each year, the NMTL develops and implements numerous Taiwan literature-related research projects. The focuses of such projects have included the collection & organization of historical information, the codification of reference materials, and the publication of author works. The objective of such research efforts is to provide those interested in Taiwan literature, both in Taiwan and overseas, with supporting and updated research materials.

Journal of Taiwan Literary Studies

Focused on research related to Taiwan literature, this journal publishes original articles on Taiwan literature from various specialist fields. Articles include monographs, general theses and literary criticism. Every new set of research topics in each issue is designed to highlight the ongoing diversity in the field of Taiwan literary research and underscore Taiwan literature’s unique character and expression. Articles give differing perspectives to help readers better appreciate Taiwan literature and expand horizons for creativity and thought in order to further enrich and nourish local literary research.

Academic Seminars

The NMTL holds the annual “National Academic Research Seminar for Graduate Students” as a forum for literary research master’s and PhD candidates to present the results of their work and research. Also, the NMTL works with various domestic academic organizations to organize and hold relevant academic seminars on an irregular basis.

Dissertation Scholarship Grants

To encourage domestic academic research into Taiwan literature and nurture future research professionals in the field, the NMTL offers financial grants to support master’s and PhD students who select topics in Taiwan literature for their graduate theses. Topic areas eligible for grant consideration include classical literature, modern poetry, prose, novels, theater drama, children’s literature, reportage literature, folk literature, literary history and literary criticism.

Taiwan Literature Open Access Resources

Virtual Museum of Taiwan Literature

This site is the implementation result of the Ministry of Culture's "Technology, Humanities, Friendly Experience-Museum Digital Guided Demonstration Project." Its core is introducing technology to preserve and display art, humanities, and historical assets to continue their life penetration. We use technology to integrate the cross-domain and innovative knowledge systems of societies and combine the various literary resources of the library to enhance the convenience of the public and literature lovers.

The available services of the site emphasize the display, research, and co-creation of various literary themes. The feature options include Virtual Reality of the permanent exhibitions──"The Power of Literature: Writing OUR TAIWAN" and "The Inner World of Taiwan Literature," Taiwan literary history, Literary Tour, Digital Game, Theme Exhibition, and Joint Author's Platform. The site is jointly created by the Museum and a team of experts. It keeps pace with the times, continuously adding information and looking forward to using "wiki spirit" to create more interaction mechanisms with users and participate in the process of literature in this virtual world.

Links to Related Research

The NMTL has been developing an online “one-stop-shop”, organized by topic, to give the general public online access to a wide spectrum of research into Taiwan literature and literary topics. The links database currently taps into more than 10 online data resources.

Federated Search Engine (in Chinese)    List of Databases (in Chinese)

Taiwan Literature in Translation

The NMTL opened the Taiwan Literature Translation Center (TLTC) in 2012 to help secure for literature a regular and positive role in Taiwan’s international relations. Ongoing TLTC activities include surveying and researching how Taiwan literature is perceived and accepted in other countries, coordinating the translation and publishing of Taiwan literary works in translation, coordinating translator training programs, and advancing international literary exchange and cooperation. Furthermore, NMTL created the Literature-in-Translation Repository to centralize translation resources and offer an open-access, searchable database of Taiwan literature in translation and translator resources. This tool facilitates the systematic collection and storage of information, both domestic and overseas, on Taiwan literature, providing an invaluable platform for related research and exchange activities. The Literature-in-Translation Repository provides information on literature-in-translation materials maintained at NMTL; Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture; the Forum for the Study of World Literatures in Chinese at University of California, Santa Barbara; Taipei Chinese Center, International PEN; the National Taiwan University Press; and Taiwanese Pen as well as on Taiwan literary works published in translation by various publishing houses around the world. To help facilitate the authorized international marketing and sales of Taiwan literature, information accessible via the online repository covers bibliographic information, abstracts, tables of content, GIS-enabled publisher details, and translator profiles.

From offline research programs to online information platforms, Taiwan is tapping the power of professional literary translation to create new horizons in literature and to ensure its unique voice and perspectives are heard round the world.

Taiwan Literature in Translation Repository