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Taiwan Museum of Literature, a national 「museum of literature」 has the heavy responsibility of collecting, researching, publishing, displaying and promoting Taiwan literature.

2003.10.17National Museum of Taiwan Literature (planning office) officially opened.
2007.8.13National Museum of Taiwan Literature officially established after re-organization.
It is a subordinate body of the highest cultural supervisory body in Taiwan, the Council for Cultural Affairs.
It has a director, a deputy director, and a secretary. It also has the following units.
Research & Collection Division
Taiwan literature research and translation, collecting of Taiwan literature historical materials and authors' work editing and publishing, collection management, application, storage, preservation and restoration, literature book collection, management and reader services.
Exhibition & Education Division
Planning and execution of various exhibitions and educational activities: exhibition space and equipment maintenance and management; domestic and international inter-museum cooperation.
Public Services Division
Providing information and services to the public; planning and execution of interpretation services; media, public relations and fund-raising; planning and marketing and various kinds of advertising; ticketing, product development and business outsourcing; publication management; volunteer recruitment and training.
A new era for the National Museum of Taiwan Literature
International Vision, Local Action, Diversified Development