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The National Museum of Taiwan Literature, located in the southern city of Taiwan, is the only national-level literature museum in Taiwan. There is also a branch in Taipei called the Taiwan Literature Base (TLB). The TLB opened in 2021, and is made up of seven historically preserved Japanese-style dormitories built between 1920 to 1940, which remain the most complete preserved Japanese dormitory complex in Taipei.


The TLB is a gathering place for writers, critics, publishers, and reading enthusiasts to harness their creative energy. Through various activities such as exhibitions, writers-in-residence programs, lectures, reading tours, and storytelling in local native languages, the TLB expands the definition of reading in all its forms. The TLB hopes to become a place of relaxation and communication, where everyone can interpret and experience literature in their own way, and further make Taiwan literature a part of everyone's lives.


In addition to the TLB, NMTL will soon open another branch in Taipei, to serve as an international promotion and exchange center for Taiwan literature. In this space, audiences will be able to get closer to Taiwan literature and understand its relationship with the world. Through exhibitions and performances of translated writings and the work and lectures of writers- and translators-in-residence, TLB strives to stimulate cross-cultural exchange and broaden the horizons of literature in all its forms.

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