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NMTL Newsletter VOL.4 Released

  • PublishTime:2023-10-01

The NMTL Newsletter is released on the first day of every other month, and is intended to share the latest news concerning NMTL, Taiwan literature circles, and Taiwan literature abroad with foreign readers. We hope that through this platform, we can bring readers around the world a new understanding of Taiwan literature.

Contents of this Issue
➣20th Anniversary Celebrated with Autumn Literature Market 
➣American Modernist Writers Lead the Way 
➣Introducing the "Virtual Museum of Taiwan Literature" Website
➣ 20th Anniversary Celebrated with Autumn Literature Market
➣“Beyond Our Mind – Taiwan Literature Between Animals and Humans” Moved to TLB
➣A North-South Connection: TLB and Nanning Literary House Invite Writers to Become Writers-in-Residence
➣NMTL Invited to Participate in Taiwan Literature Award for Migrants
➣Taiwan Brand Campaign Travels Across Eastern Europe
➣Kaori Lai to Attend 2023 Frankfurt Book Fair

We invite you to read our Newsletter and visit the website for more details: