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Introducing the "Virtual Museum of Taiwan Literature" Website

  • PublishTime:2023-09-23

by Hsiao An-Kaii, Melanie A. Leng

The Virtual Museum of Taiwan Literature is a public website created by the National Museum of Taiwan Literature (NMTL) with the vision of preserving “cultural heritage, whether in arts, humanities, or historical items, through digital technology". Users can browse through the comprehensive database to learn about and deepen their understanding of the world of Taiwan literature. By transcending the physical confines of the museum's walls, the website transforms the displays and collections of the NMTL into information and knowledge integrated into local life, making the museum even more accessible to the public.

The homepage of the Virtual Museum of Taiwan Literature features a swimming whale which symbolizes the journey of Taiwan literature "heading to the world". The website’s content is organized into seven sections: Literary Walking Tour, Virtual Reality, Literary History, Literary Tour, Digital Game, Theme Exhibition, and the Joint Authors' Platform. As a collaborative project between NMTL and various professional teams, the website will be updated regularly with new, additional content to create the best user experience for those wishing to learn more about Taiwan literature.

The "Literary Walking Tour" is an initiative connecting 37 literature museums across Taiwan to plan 47 walking routes for the general public to explore and learn about local cultural stories. "Virtual Reality" utilizes high-resolution photography technology to create digital panoramic images of NMTL, allowing the public to visit the museum anytime online. "Literary History" features a timeline of ten historical periods that present the origins and developments of Taiwan literature.

"Literary Tour" combines  a Geographic Information System (GIS) with excerpts from literary works and biographies of notable Taiwan writers. Users can explore different maps to trace the tracks of writers throughout their life or experience the movement between real-life locations mentioned in Taiwan literature. "Digital Game" showcases important collections of 3D images from the NMTL and a series of "Reality Puzzle Games" based on Taiwan literature. Digital games are available for download on mobile phones and tablets. 

"Theme Exhibition" consists of the "Author's Platform" and "Literary Panorama". The former compiles information on 14 well-known Taiwan writers, while the latter presents a rich, diverse collection of 36 literary themes in Taiwan literature. "Joint Authors' Platform" uses a storytelling approach to transform the NMTL's collections into accessible content for users to learn about the literary and historical past of Taiwan.

The Virtual Museum of Taiwan Literature is a website designed with the general public in mind. It provides an easily accessible means for users to explore the rich treasures of Taiwan literature through the stories of writers, comprehensive collections, and integrated digital technology. We look forward to gradually expanding the English version of this website for everyone to use.