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Special Exhibition Marking the 20th Anniversary Celebration: Restoration and Reproduction of Cultural Artifacts

  • DATE:2023-10-13~2024-07-07
  • VENUE:2nd Floor, Exhibition Room E

Over 120,000 invaluable artifacts – ranging from manuscripts, calligraphy pieces and paintings, to wares and utensils – are housed in the National Museum of Taiwan Literature. The Museum also has professional restoration instruments, equipment and a staff of trained restorers. Over the last 20 years, NMTL has stayed true to its pledge to protect the brainchildren of noted writers, and worked tirelessly to preserve and restore the artifacts, while overseeing literal studies and other preliminary museological projects.

This exhibition is a collaborative celebration of tech-based restoration efforts, digitized cultural heritage preservation programs and literary translation endeavors, encapsulating the journey that NMTL has taken over the past 20 years in curating and collecting artifacts; the exhibition vividly demonstrates the historic and cultural imprints in the textured surface left by the artifacts. It also chronicles the journey the artifacts have taken in different authors’ memory dimension to transcend time and space, making their way to the enchanted gaze of modern viewers to tell their stories – heartfelt and profound.

The venue consists of four exhibition areas to showcase the restoration and reproduction of cultural artifacts, and literary mindfulness: "The Rhythm of Cultural Artifacts/The Journey of Curation and Collection," "Reimagining of Cultural Artifacts/Eternity Assured," "Digitization on Cloud, 3D Cultural Artifacts," "Literary Translation, Masquerade of Cultural Relics."

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