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Augmented Literature: Calling All Digital Adventurers! Taiwan Literature X Digital Content

  • DATE:2017-12-20~2019-12-22
  • VENUE:1st Floor, Exhibition Room B

The National Museum of Taiwan Literature (NMTL) makes its home in a century-old national historic building. During routine repairs, workers stumbled upon a ‘time wormhole’ in the area now occupied by Exhibition Room B. This wormhole fits serendipitously with NMTL’s ongoing study of Taiwan literature from the Japanese-ruled period (1895-1945). NMTL researchers have succeeded in collecting through the wormhole many items that have since been officially categorized as either of significant or general importance. Researchers are also very anxious to further clarify historical data and, as much as possible, to meet face-to-face with authors from this period. However, there is the risk that the enthusiasm of our modern time travelers may catch these authors unawares, making them suspicious and reluctant to talk. So, in the interests of literary research and of collecting more firsthand accounts of history, the NMTL has widened its search for volunteers who can help our researchers communicate with historical authors. We are looking for people LIKE YOU, with an interest in literature and a taste for time-travel adventure, to be transformed by the latest modern technology into a digital Adventurer We need YOU to use your unique social experience and your contact with and exploration of authors from various walks of life to help our researchers collect information on valuable artifacts for the NMTL. We’re all set! Are you ready to start?