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Translated Modern Taiwanese Poetry

  • DATE:2012-06-15~2012-09-09
  • VENUE:1st Floor, Exhibition Room C

The exhibition presents the fruitful outcomes of the exchange between Taiwanese poetry and world literature. At the exhibition, one poem of each of the selected 103 Taiwanese poets, such as Kwang-chung Yu, Kuei-hsien Li, Juei-ming Lin, Chou-yu Cheng, and Mu-rong Xi, is translated into eight languages, including English, Japanese, French, German, Korean, Mongolian, Serbian, and Romanian, and presented side by side with the Chinese version for audiences to explore how modern poems are translated from one language into another and how they are deconstructed and reconstructed in the process of translating. The outcomes of CLA’s Chinese Book Translation Project and the Taiwan Literature Translation Project are also displayed. These include the translation of more than 200 works, such as poetry, novel, prose, and different types of literary works. This is also a general presentation of the project outcomes.