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Writing About the World Around Us with a Cold Eye and Passionate Heart─Taiwan Reportage Literature Exhibition

  • DATE:2014-06-27~2015-01-04
  • VENUE:1st Floor, Exhibition Room B

“Reportage literature” refers primarily to literary works that result from field investigations or actual participation by the writer. The precursor of Taiwan reportage literature was Yang Kui’s 1935 piece entitled “A Sympathetic On-the-spot Report of the Taiwan Earthquake Disaster Area.” After a latent period in the 1950s and ‘60s, the pioneering work of Gao Xinjiang and others in the ‘70s, came a thriving period in the 1980s led by This World magazine and then a turning point after the 1990s. This exhibition is divided into the following themes coinciding with the development of Taiwan reportage literature: “Overview of Reportage Literature,” “Harbingers of ‘Pursuing Truth’” (pre-1930 period), “Flowing Beneath the Iceberg (1945-1960),” “New Storms Arise—Labor of Love (1970s),” “A Spring of Many Flowers,” “A Sky Ablaze with Stars (1990s to today).” Here we can see how, at critical times confronting major news events and historical changes, writers have covered the world around them with objective detachment yet sympathetic engagement, how through page after page of shocking imagery they have used the unique viewpoint and critical power of this genre to attack and expose contemporary social evils.