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America's Literary Landscape

  • DATE:2017-04-07~2018-02-25
  • VENUE:1st Floor, Exhibition Room D

From the moment the first American author put pen to paper, the vast and varied landscape of the United States has been an essential part of America’s literary tradition. Through their vivid descriptions, American authors have allowed generations of readers to experience the majesty of the land through their characters’ eyes, making the landscape an indispensable part of the story. Where would Huckleberry Finn be without a Mississippi River to guide his raft down? What is White Fang without the wilds of Alaska to run through? From the gleaming skyscrapers of Carl Sandburg’s Chicago to the golden hills of John Steinbeck’s California, America’s unique geography has long served as a wellspring of inspiration for authors looking to capture the spirit of their nation. This exhibition showcases 14 American writers and their relationship with the cities and natural world that surrounded them, combining words, photos, and modern technology to create a truly immersive experience. So come lose yourself in the vistas of the United States, as you explore America’s Literary Landscape.