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There Is Only One Truth?!-Detective Fiction in Taiwan

  • DATE:2017-05-26~2018-03-18
  • VENUE:1st Floor, Exhibition Room C

The ingenious Sherlock Holmes, the gentleman thief Arsène Lupin, the unsightly Hercule Poirot, the drunkard Matthew Scudder, Detective Conan Edogawa... From Europe and the U.S., to Japan, detective fiction, a genre of literature involving death, murder, mystery, and suspense, has been appealing to its readers for a very long time, although it was once regarded as unorthodox for its popular and entertaining nature. In the past two decades, thanks to the fast and convenient service provided by translators, a wide variety of detective novels from Europe, the U.S., and Japan have been introduced to readers in Taiwan, familiarizing them with famous detective fiction writers around the world, and attracting more publishers to take a share in the market.

However, since they are so addicted to "imported" detective novels, how much do readers in Taiwan know about the development, writers, and styles of Taiwanese detective novels? When it comes to this particular genre in Taiwanese literature, will readers have many things to say and share, or will they remain silent, wondering if there are any detective novels in Taiwanese literature? Inspired by this very question, this exhibition collects materials concerning the development of detective fiction in Taiwan and the achievement of domestic detective novels in the past century, enabling visitors to review the past and current situations of this genre in Taiwan. It is hoped that through this exhibition, readers who are fond of solving mysteries will have a better understanding about the influence of foreign detective novels on, and the achievement of, Taiwanese defective novels.