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Listening to the Heartbeat of the Land: Hong Xingfu

Listening to the Heartbeat of the Land: Hong Xingfu

Author Hung Hsing-fu (1942-1982), born into an impoverished farming family in Erlin Township, Changhua, wove the people, events, and scenery of rural villages into much of his literary output, which depicts rural life, culture, and interpersonal relationships in Taiwan during the 1970s and 1980s.

Many Taiwanese were introduced to Hung through his essay Impressions of the Paper Boat, which was standard reading in public-school Chinese classes.

This essay opens with the author reflecing on his memories of a paper boat and then unfolds into a story about his childhood in a rural village. The story highlights the courage and determination that parents show in protecting their children.

This exhibition opens with Impressions of the Paper Boat to immerse visitors in Hungs deep love for the Taiwanese people and to show how the 'voice' of the land is audibly woven into his works.