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A Mix of Savory and Sweet: The Taste of Tainan Literature

A Mix of Savory and Sweet The Taste of Tainan Literature

Sugar and salt are two staple seasonings that, in Taiwan, are tied inextricably to Tainan, which has been an important producer of both for some four centuries. Tainan's expansive sugarcane fields and salt pans have helped fuel modern economic growth, shaped the course of city development, and indelibly flavored the city's cultural and literary landscape. This rare blend of savory and sweet gives life in Tainan a unique zest.

The thirty-two literary excerpts featured in this exhibition highlight how Taiwan authors, both from Tainan and elsewhere, have portrayed the city through the years. Their intimate observations touch on everyday life and on the savory and sweet notes that have seasoned life in Tainan through every era. Peruse these passages, digest what they have to say and then ask yourself: Where do you think Tainan rates on the scale of savory to sweet?