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Museum of Czech Literature Director Visits, Signs MOU with NMTL

  • PublishTime:2023-11-28

by Chien Hung-Yi, Chen Yu-Chen, Melanie A. Leng

On October 16th, NMTL and the Museum of Czech Literature signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) at the Taiwan Literature Base. The MOU was signed by NMTL Director Nikky Lin and Museum of Czech Literature Director Zdeněk Freisleben with the goal of promoting further literary exchange between Taiwan and the Czech Republic.

The MOU signing ceremony was witnessed by the Ministry of Culture, represented by Department of Cultural Exchange Director-General Kuei Yeh-chin, and the Czech Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei, represented by Czech Representative to Taiwan David Steinke. Director Lin stated that the two institutions will engage in more collaborations and exchange in areas such as literary translation, writer exchange visits, and exhibition promotion. The signing also paves the way for two exhibitions on Czech literature to be held in 2024. These collaborative efforts will strengthen mutual understanding of literature between the two countries.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of NMTL. Director Freisleben was invited by NMTL to travel to Taiwan and participate in its celebration. In addition to viewing the special exhibitions, collection environments, and professional restoration and preservation equipment at NMTL and TLB, Director Freisleben also visited other museums such as the National Palace Museum. Regarding his first trip to Taiwan, he expressed that he was very impressed by the richness of Taiwan’s culture and its museum exhibitions. He also remarked that NMTL's creative techniques for exhibiting literature can serve as great references for the Museum of Czech Literature.

An accompanying Czech officer was inspired by this trip to apply for the TLB writers-in-residence program. She remarked how she felt that Taiwan was a place full of stories and human warmth, and she hopes the opportunity for a short-term stay in Taiwan will broaden her creative horizons.

On the morning of October 13th, Director Freisleben delivered a special lecture entitled "Place–Movement–Stopping: Literary Exposition in the Present Time." The lecture included an overview of Czech literature and explored the many different possibilities open for development by literary museums through innovative collections, exhibition techniques, and a writer-centered approach towards the management of literary museums. This event created an opportunity for discourse and an exchange of references between the two literature museums.

The bilateral exchange between Taiwan and the Czech Republic begins with this literary dialogue.