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The Taiwan Literature Awards Pay Tribute to Outstanding Literary Works of the Year

  • PublishTime:2023-05-24

by Chao Ching-Hwa, Meiyan Jin

NMTL has been hosting the Taiwan Literature Awards since 2005. With a total prize pool of up to NT$3.7 million (approximately $120,000 US dollars), this national literary award not only provides exposure for new literary talent, but also provides opportunities for many award-winning writers and works to be recognized in the international literary community.

The annual Taiwan Literature Awards aim to pay tribute to the outstanding literary works of the year. Through original content creations, it hopes to showcase the values of Taiwan, revitalize literary circles, and connect with the global literary community. The Awards are divided into two categories: Original Works and the Golden Book Award. The former promotes a diverse literary ecosystem and creative environment, embodies the spirit of the coexistence of multilingual society, and encourages the writing and revitalization of local native languages. The latter rewards various published literary works. In addition, there is the New Bud Award, similar to the Best New Writer Award, to provide greater confidence and encouragement to new writers.

Through its long years in existence, the Taiwan Literature Awards have become the most iconic literary award in Taiwan, with 140 winners to date. On the one hand, this award supports writers who write in their mother tongues, continuously cultivating and maintaining the development of literature in native languages. On the other hand, the types and themes of award-winning works are becoming more diverse, balancing literary aesthetics and public interest, which demonstrates writers' efforts to create pioneering styles and characteristics while fully acknowledging the traditional ties between Taiwan literature and the land that birthed it. To allow these excellent works to reach a wider audience, NMTL is committed to promoting cross-border cooperation and translated publications. It has translated a collection of award-winning literary works into English, Peak: Taiwan Literature Golden Award Winners, and operated promotions at international book fairs to push Taiwanese writers and works onto the international stage.