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Taiwan Literature, On Air

  • PublishTime:2024-06-01

By Hsiao An-Kai

Translated by Gregory Laslo

National Museum of Taiwan Literature and Dr. Lee Moore

The first season of Podcast Taiwan was recorded in English with the help of Dr. Lee Moore. A graduate of the University of Oregon’s Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, Dr. Moore studied in Taiwan from 2013 to 2014, receiving scholarships from both the US and Taiwan. He is currently a journalist and an adjunct professor at the University of Oregon, teaching Taiwan and Chinese literature and film. For his doctoral thesis, he researched museums and nationalism in Taiwan and China. Dr. Moore remains highly interested in questions of identity within the Sinophone world and is currently writing a book: China’s Backstory: The Literature and History Behind Today’s Front-Page China News.

About Podcast Taiwan

The first episode of Podcast Taiwan aired on the morning of Sunday, April 7th, 2024. New episodes will be uploaded every Sunday at 10 a.m.

The first season will consist of 6 episodes: two focusing on the history of Taiwan, and four on the works of individual writers.

Taiwan’s Beginnings: Pre-1895

Taiwan From Empires to Democracy: 1895-Today

Lai He, “A Lever's Scale”(賴和〈一桿稱仔〉)

Wu Zhuoliu, Orphan of Asia(吳濁流《亞細亞的孤兒》)

Huang Chunming, “Fish”(黃春明〈魚〉)

Li Ang, Lost Garden(李昂《迷園》)

Across these episodes, non-native listeners can get a primer on the history of Taiwan and get to know famous works and writers from the Japanese colonial period up to the present day. Topics cut across history, culture, ethnicity, identity, family, and gender.

Podcast Taiwan targets English-speaking listeners with an interest in Taiwan, and by bringing them closer to the historical, political, and social issues of Taiwan, deepens their understanding of its writers and their works. In his rich, rhythmic voice, Dr. Moore brings out the complex significance behind authors and their eras in simple terms, winning praise from listeners.

NMTL is currently working closely with Dr. Moore to plan the next season of Podcast Taiwan. Keep your ears open for the next season, which will dive into topics such as the different ethnicities of Taiwan, Indigenous cultures, ecology, and LGBTQ+ rights through the lens of historical films and literature.

Sailing the digital airwaves from Taiwan to audiences around the world, Taiwan literature’s streaming journey is just beginning.

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