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The "Advanced Translation Workshop - Publishing Literature from Taiwan" (online) is now open for registration.

  • PublishTime:2024-03-14

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The Advanced Translation Workshop in 2024 will be for translators of Taiwanese Literature and will run across 3 days - Thursday 7th November 2024 (10am-5pm GMT), Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd November 2024 (10am-5pm GMT). The workshop will be focusing on writing sample translations and pitches. The goal of the workshop is to finish the 3-days with a sample translation and pitch that is polished and ready to send to a publisher. 

Please note, if you are offered a place on the workshop you will be required to do some work in advance. You will need to choose a book from the Taiwan Literature Awards for Books longlists and gain permission from the rights holder to translate and pitch the book. Once you have permission, you will then do a sample translation (length TBC) and pitch. Your work will be shared with the workshop leader, editor/s and fellow workshop attendees and you will spend the 3 days improving upon it.  Eligibility criteria can be found in the 'Related Link' below.